• Synopsis

    Tarap serial is a new upcoming drama that will be aired on Hum TV. This drama serial Starting from 29th march 2020 every Sunday at 8:00 pm. Drama story is based on family. The lead role in this drama serial is Syed Jibran, Hiba Bukhari and Saleem Mairaj. The story revolves around between these three main characters. The drama serial Tarap story is about the life of Hiba Bukari who plays a role in this serial, where Saleem Mirage blames Hiba life and make torture her life. We also have seen the entry of Syed Jibran Nasir in this drama serial who is a police officer and might be the keep Hiba life safe by marrying her.

    Drama cast:
    Syed Jibran
    Hiba Bukhari
    Baber Ali
    Nausheen Shah
    Saleem Mairaj
    Beenish Chohan
    Faiza Gillani
    Laiba Khan
    Lubna Aslam
    Farah Nadir
    Ghazala But
    Akbar Subhani
    Jehanzaib Khan

    Writer: Nadeem Siddique
    Director by: Misbah Syed
    Produced by: Babar Javed & MD Production

    Tarap – Hum TV

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