Taqdeer A-PLUS Entertainment Full Drama Detail Cast Name, Timings, Schedule

  • Synopsis

    Taqdeer is a new Pakistani drama serial released on 6th  Nov 2018 and aired on A-PLUS Entertainment on every Monday at 9:00pm. The drama is written by Malik Khuda Baksh, directed by Jan Rambo and produced by Sahiba Afzal. The drama cast includes Moammar Rana, Sahiba Afzal, Jan Rambo, Sofia Mirza, Hanan Sameed, Sameer Khan and Nimra. The drama story Taqdeer is based on love and hate relationship. Rania and Riya are two sisters, but they are completely different in nature. Rania is married with Salman but She uses to love Shazil, Rania asks Shazil to leave the home and let her settle in her married life. But when in a suddenly incident salman died.


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