Soteli Mamta New Upcoming Drama HUM TV Cast, Storyline and Writer

  • Synopsis

    Soteli Mamta is a pakistani drama serial based on the emotions of a mother, how she is going through different stages of her life. Her husband is very cruel and greedy. Her husband will do anything for the sake of money, beats his wife and teach his children how to play cards and many other such things. Let’s see to which end he will go, so do not forget to watch Soteli Mamta drama only on HUM TV.

    Soteli Mamta cast includes: Amna Malik, Fawad Jalal, Hammad Shoaib, Hassan Ahmed, Rabia Butt, Uroosa Qureshi. Producer of Soteli Mamta is Momina Duraid. It is written by Huma Hina and directed by Mir Sikander.

    Drama Soteli Mamta is all set to be aired at HUM TV. Release date of Soteli Mamta is 25 February,2020. Timing of Soteli Mamta is Monday – Friday at 7.30 PM on HUM TV.

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