Shehr e Malal Express Entertainment Drama Full Story and Cast

  • Synopsis

    Shehr e Malal Express Entertainment drama is penned down by Saadia Akhtar and directed by Furqan Adam. Producer of Shehr e Malal is Zeeshan M. Khan (TNI Productions). Shehr e Malal cast includes: Maria Wasti, Shahood Alvi, Ayub Khosa, Ali Abbass, Zainab Qayoom, Hajra Yamin, Raeed Alam, Srha Asgr, Rabya Kulsoom.

    The story of Shehr e Malal is about how life of two families are affected due to the past relationships. Tabinda and Umer Hassan are now leading their own families separately, which once were part of each other’s life. Unfortunately, due to misunderstandings they both part their ways. Umer married to daughter of a business man and Tabinda married to a rich man who is disable and she takes care of her husband’s family and business.

    Story takes a twist when Tabinda goes too Umer’s house for his daughter’s proposal for her step son. Umer’s daughter Rameen and Tabinda’s son Shazir love each other. When Umer rejects the proposal of Shazir then Rameen attempt suicide. Tabinda spread the news of Rameen’s suicide. Due to Rameen, Umer heplessly begs to Tabinda to accept Rameen.

    Tabinda agrees to this marriage for the sake of taking revenge from Umer. She creates misunderstandings and due to this she will be in a big loss.

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