Qadam Qadam Ishq A-PLUS Entertainment Drama Detail, Cast Name, Timings, Schedule

  • Synopsis

    Qadam Qadam Ishq is a new Pakistani drama serial that is released on first episode 4th January 2019 and aired on A-PLUS Entertainment every Friday at 8:00 pm. The drama is written Adeel Hafiz and directed by Kashif Salim. The drama cast includes Azfar Rehman, Areeba Habib, Aly Khan, Maira Khan, and Yasir Ali Khan. The lead character of in this drama serial is Areeba Habib and Azfar Rehman. The story of this drama is based on love. Areeba plays a student role in this drama serial. When Areeba is young, her parent is dead and she lives with her brother and sister in law. When Areeba goes to university, she meets with Azfar.

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