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    Spaghetti’s story about becoming Mango from “The Donkey King” has already hit the social media.

    Geo’s first largest animated film “The Donkey King” has seen the number of visitors watching Facebook and YouTube over 10 million, which increases day by day further.

    Since film teaser releases, not only children, but also elders have become Mango’s monsters. Its fascinating tragedies are awaiting to look at the big curtain.

    “The Donkey King” is becoming famous among children and adults day by day and everyone is waiting to see it in the cinema.

    The animation and video quality of film look amazing according to international standards which will help to gain more audience.

    The film has also received the honor that in this film, renowned people of Pakistan’s film and TV industry are offering their voices together, including Jaan Rambo (Afzal Khan), Hina Dil Pazer, Ghulam Mohiuddin, Javed Sheikh other artists.

    Director Aziz Jandani  has confirmed that film will be released on 13 october 2018.It will be released under the banner of Geo Films and Tallasmine Avenue.

    The Donkey King
    The Donkey King





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    1. waqas 03/01/2019

      donkey king aj shaam ko oi show ha after 6:00 PM? Please reply