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    Pakistani’s first children movie ‘Chillar Force’ coming this year however release date still not confirmed. ‘The Pakistani film industry is taking audiences by storm, slowly conquering all genres of films and one more adds to the list as Pakistan now takes home the trophy as another field initiates with the release of the first children live-superhero film’.¬†Chillar Force is produce under the banner of Persia film production and Farhan Qaiser. One of the interesting thing about this movie is they cast 5 children who did not relate to industry and they will appear on screen first time. They are auditioned and selected very carefully. According to FARS Entertainment more then ten thousand child actor between age of 8 to 12 are auditioned. Film story based on 5 Super Hero children’s who use their powers and talent to save Pakistan from problems. Film is mostly shoot in Karachi and some little bit in Punjab and Baluchistan. Budget of this film is approximately 8 crore Pakistani rupees. According to film producer Farhan ‘It is too difficult to collect funding in Pakistan for children film’.

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