Meri Shadi Karwao Play Tv full detail cast Name, Timings & Schedule

  • Synopsis

    Meri Shadi Karwao is a new Pakistani drama serial that will be released on 10th April 2019 and aired on Play Tv every Wednesday to Thursday at 8:00 pm. The drama is directed by Asma Kamran and produced by Kamran Ahmed Ali. The drama cast includes Imran Aslam, Shabbir Jan, Humaira Zahid, Waqqas Khan, Maria Zahid, Asma Omer, Shahzeez Rahat, Arsalan Raja, Raima Khan, Tabreez Shah, Ali Syed, Naeema Garaj, Irfan Motiwala and Nida Khan. The drama story is based on family and the main cast in this drama serial is Imran Aslam, Naima Garaj, Shabbir Jan, Maira Zahid and Tabreez Shah. The story of this drama rotates around two families and in this play a wedding scenario has been seen, which is the fact of that play.

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