Mein Jeena Chahti Hoon Express Entertainment Drama Storyline and Cast

  • Synopsis

    Mein Jeena Chahti Hoon drama is penned down by Aneeza Syed and produced under the production house of Eveready Pictures.

    Main jeena chahti hoon drama cast includes: Hashim Butt, Beena Chaudhry, Sohail Asghar, Adnan Shah, Manzoor Qureshi, Nimra Khan, Mubassra Khanam, Ghazala Butt, Kamran Jilani, Malik Raza, Hajra Khan, Saba Shaikh, Ali Anjum, Hammad Farooqui, Hanif Bachchan, Sabahat Ali Bukhari, Abeer Qureshi, Aiman Khan, Safia Sohail, Khushi, Falak, Sabahat Sarhandi.

    Mein Jeena Chahti Hoon drama story revolves around Sara Usman. She is the only child of Khan Sahab. Sara’s mother died when she was a child. Khan Sahab has no relation with any close relative because when his mother died, his brother took possession on everything including property. Sara is 20 years old and studing in university. Tabinda is her best friend. Tabinda’s brother Taimur likes Sara but never told Tabinda or Sara about it. Usman is a well educated man, working in a multi-national company and meet Khan Sahab at Golf Course. Khan Sahab likes Usman and invites him to his house.

    Later, Khan Sahab faced a heart attack and he forces Sara to marry Usman. After Khan Sahab death, Sara is married to Usman and she has 2 children. Usman family made Sara’s life difficult. Due to family pressure and Usman’s negative behavior towards her, she took separation from Usman and started living her own life independently. Taimur is still single and wants to marry Sara.

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