Mein Jeena Chahti Hoon

  • Synopsis

    Mein Jeena Chahti Hoon drama serial is a new drama that will be aired on Express Entertainment. This drama serial Starting from 24 January 2020 every Friday at 8:00 pm. The drama story is based on family. The lead cast in this drama is Nimra Khan, Kamran Jilani and Hammad Farooqui. The story revolves around Nimra Khan who is the only daughter of Manzoor Qureshi. Nimra’s mother died when she was young. Manzoor Qureshi does not have any connection with his relatives because after his mother’s death, his brother took possession of the property and belongings and Manzoor Qureshi in retaliation breaks the connection with his brother and relatives. Time passes and Sara is now 20 years old and studying in a university.

    She has a friend Tabinda who is very close to her. Tabinda’s brother Taimur likes Sara but never shares his feelings with Tabinda neither to Sara. One day Khan Sahab met Usman at the Golf course and found him, well-established man, working in a multi-national firm. He invites Usman at his house. On the other hand, Sara’s Uncle Manzoor Qureshi brother sends a proposal of his son Shafiq for Sara because of her property which Khan Sahab rejected. Later on, after the doctors inform Khan Sahab that he has a serious illness, he forces Usman to marry Sara.

    Drama Cast:
    Nimra Khan
    Kamran Jilani
    Hammad Farooqui
    Adnan Shah
    Manzoor Qureshi
    Hajra Khan
    Beena Chaudhry
    Sohail Asghar
    Ghazala Butt
    Hanif Bachchan
    Abeer Qureshi
    Malik Raza.

    Writer: Aneeza Syed
    Director by: Kamran Akber Khan
    Produced by: Satish Anand.

    Mein Jeena Chahti Hoon – Express Entertainment

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