• Synopsis

    Kahin Deep Jalay, the most recent sequential, such as logical dramatizations of Geo TV. It also gets a colossal adulation from the gathering of a group of spectators with assessments take up not long after the essential scene. Kahin Deep Jalay composed such as from Qasira Hayat and also Directed from Saima Waseem. It is the production of the 7th Sky Entertainment house. It performance catch the narrative of a female saint named Rida who faces the quantity of issue from her sister-in-law. Many top actors and actresses work in this drama which names are given the blow.

    Abdullah Kadwani
    Neelam Muneer
    Nazish Jahangir
    Imran Ashraf Hammad Farooqi
    The performance has also heaped on tremendous acclaim with the high assessment being affirmation enough as the figures flood after the principle scene. This is the tale of a lovely young lady named Rida. She iSaima Waseemthe dearest sister of her three siblings and blue-looked at the offspring of her mom. In any case; her honesty and favorable luck make her an objective of her sister-in-law’s disdain, hatred, and desire, bringing about horrible affliction and hopelessness for Rida. To exacerbate the situation, her better half; who is a very uncertain individual; abuses her too as opposed to supporting her. Will Rida have the option to guard her respect when it’s her nearest relations who tries to resolve her matter?

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