• Synopsis

    New and up and coming sensation of Hum TV is Daasi. Hum television latest performance, Daasi cast relies upon these principle entertainers Marwa Hocane, Adeel Hussain and Faryal Mehmood. It Formed by, Misbah Nausheen and facilitated by Mohsin Talat, the plot turns around a record of a vivacious and bubbly little adolescent and a strong productive expert who find their way towards one another, and fight in their life. It is a sentimental story and about a straight forward youngster who is helpless against the social loads. The primary strong track of the show gets the ears and eyes of you as it is depicting the genuine and energetic sentimental story of the two darling incorporated by heels who are in that spot to break the reverence stream of the two faultless sweethearts.


    Mawra is playing the character of an essential and exemplary youngster, who is incredible and to be effectively gone gaga for. Kamran Jillani come in as a strong Maggot among Mawra and Adeel Hussain. Though Faryal Mehmood is enamored with Adeel Hussain however Furqan Qureshi is infatuated with Faryal Mehmood He is seen with a guiltless love that outstanding parts to be unperceived by his darling.


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