Umm-e-Haniya Geo TV  Drama Detail, Cast Name, Timings, Schedule

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    Umm-e-Haniya is a Pakistani drama serial that is aired on Geo TV every Wednesday and Thursday at 7:00 pm and repeats on Thu-Fri at 2:30 pm. The drama is written by Kishore Asmal, directed by Tehseen Khan and produced by Babar Javed. The drama cast includes Neelam Munir as Romi, Rabia Noreen as Naila, Hashim Butt as Rehman, Danial Afzal Khan as Rohan and Syed Waseem Termazi as Kamil. All the actors and actresses in this serial are very talented and famous. The story of this drama looks promising and totally different from the other serials going on screen these days. Umme Haniya is a story of a girl named Romi, played by Neelam Muneer, who is very serious and passionate for her career as she has a dream of becoming a cricketer and for 8 months goes off for training. Romi is soon to get married but before she could take this step in her personal life, she wants to complete her training. Her in-laws and family are very supportive but suddenly something happened that is going to change her life. She finds an abandoned Japanese kid in a bag placed in the trash and she got sad after this incident. Unaware of what it could do to her personal life and family, she decides to take and raise this child. In our society it can become a very big issue, we all know about this very well. When she comes back to her home, her mother-in-law is also there and thinks that Romi is in fact, the mother of this child since, she was gone for 8 months training. After this incident, her marriage gets broke off and she left helpless. Will Romi be able to clarify her stance or will she selflessly raise this poor child?
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