Reasons why Every One Excited for Sequel of Na Maloom Afraad

Every one knows that Na Maloom Afraad was full of drama, Laughter, fun and much more. Film was release when nobody expecting such a great story and fabulous film from Pakistan film industry and also from this movie Fahad Mustafa made his film debut. We are damn sure that sequal will also be full of fun, drama and romance. We listed some reasons that why every one is excited for Na Maloom Afraad 2.

Marina Khan’s film debut:
We listed first reason that Marina Khan is making her film debut in Na Malomm Afraad 2 and this would be reason fro excitement because every one want her to see on big screen. She is playing character of Hania’s mother.

Marina Khan's film debut:Mohsin Abbas’s handsome looks:
Mohsin Abbas new look also will be reason of every one excitement. In trailer and poster his new look with 6 packs is more attractive then before.

Mohsin Abbas's handsome looks:Hania Amir channeling a new avatar:
In Janaan Hania Aamir played very sweet character but in Na Maloom Afraad 2 she is playing role of pretty chick who is also very naughty and trouble maker.

Hania Amir channeling a new avatar:Javed sheikh to be seen shirtless:
Mohsin Abbas Haider is seems shirtless in poster but this is not the end Javed Sheikh also will be seen shirtless in Na Maloom Afraad 2.

Javed sheikh to be seen shirtless:

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